St John’s, Friern Barnet celebrates Annual Music Sunday with ‘In Memoriam’ a ‘come and sing’ Fauré’s Requiem memorial event.

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The Choir of St John’s, Friern Barnet, with Conductor Robin Osterley, Soprano Penelope Manser, Baritone Leon Berger and Organist Kelvin Thomson will host a special memorial ‘come and sing’ choral event on Sunday 7th June as participants in the Royal School of Church Music’s (RSCM) annual Music Sunday; an international celebration of church music and musicians combined with fund-raising events. Proceeds are equally shared between hosting organizations and the RSCM.

The church of St John the Evangelist in Friern Barnet will be marking the occasion with a workshop/rehearsal of Fauré’s Requiem on Sunday 7th June from 2.30-4.30, followed by a concert at 5.30pm. Acclaimed choral conductor Robin Osterley and professional singers Penelope Manser and Leon Berger will lead the workshop/rehearsal. Singers of all ages and abilities are welcome and scores will be provided.

The event is dedicated to the memory of student Shakaira Seraphin (2002-2015) and swimming coach Andrew Crease (1963-2014). They are greatly missed by all who knew them.

“I hope that many people will turn up to sing this fabulous work at this very moving occasion,” says Kelvin Thomson, Director of Music at St John’s.

Robin Osterley (conductor) says, “I am thrilled to be conducting this wonderful work and to support this important ‘come and sing’ event.”

St John’s will be using their share of the proceeds for necessary church maintenance.

Last year a wide range of events took place in the UK and abroad, including lots of services with celebrations of music, a flower festival, a cake sale, ‘come and sing’ events, and a residential singing weekend in France. Catherine Demetriadi, Head of Development at the RSCM says, “I never cease to be amazed at the commitment of organisers who arrange RSCM Music Sunday fund-raising events, but in the end it’s about celebrating and honouring the music and musicians making worship that is so precious to us all. I want to thank St John’s, Friern Barnet and their guests for joining Music Sunday 2015 and I wish them the very best.”

In Memoriam

Author: James Cross